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3D Laser Scanner
Major safety and time saving benefits

3D laser scanning technology offers major safety and time saving benefits and is becoming more common throughout the industry. Our 10 years experience using this method of data capture and design has allowed us to complete work in the past that others couldn't.

Laser Scanning, what is it?

The 3D laser scaner basically collects millions of points in space on an object, structure or parts surface, and registers them in a 3D point cloud environment. This 3D point cloud can be used to generate surfaces, meshes and geometric shapes which we then use as an existing model or background for new designs.

We can also use this method of data collection for capturing incidents, inspections on parts and machines and reverse engineering of large scale parts and plant.

The benefits of this technology are huge..

The benefits of this technology are huge; safety alone is a major plus, allowing us to capture full scans of structures and plants while minimizing exposure on site. Parts that would otherwise be almost too difficult to measure accurately, such as a dragline boom, can be scanned from the ground, and reconstructed safely and quickly back in the office, allowing us to design around existing equipment quickly and accurately.

The uses for this type of technology are endless, our vast experience in this field has helped us to tailor solutions for clients across many different industries, all with very unique needs.