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Welcome to IP&P


Offering an extensive and ever-growing range of precision measuring equipment, coupled with the latest hardware and software available. Our suite of design and inspection software includes seven Solidworks licenses, PowerInspect, Rhino, Cyclone and AutoCAD licenses coupled with certified hardware for each. We also have two mobile workstations allowing us to always meet our clients needs no matter where they are.

We are continually looking for new technology to extend our capabilities and make the design and fabrication of your ideas even more streamlined and cost effective

Keep an eye on our site for updates on new equipment.

Company History

IP&P Design Drafting is a wholly owned and operated Australian Company operating out of Mackay Queensland. Our Design and Drafting team consists of five draftsmen with a range of backgrounds including coal, hard rock mining, sugar, manufacturing and fabrication industries.

The team's experience ranges from 30 (plus) years right through to our third year Design and Drafting cadet. Some team members carry trade qualifications as well as extensive industry experience in design and conceptualization, right through to detailing and fabrication of projects in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Dubai and the UK.

We have been operating out of Mackay for the past 25 years serving almost all of the local industries. Over the years we have established many partnership agreements with our clients and suppliers, having successfully completed short, day long jobs, right through to the contract supply of entire drafting requirements for clients on site.

Education and training of new cadets and staff remain a key part of our business. We believe in the importance of training new cadets and also see the benefits for us, our clients and the industry. Over the past 8 years, 2 of our cadets successfully completed their training and tertiary qualifications. We currently have a Design and Drafting cadet in his third year. We will remain committed to this program as we have enjoyed the benefits of having these young staff members as part of our team.

We are committed to continuing our extensive service to all local industries and are always looking for the challenging jobs to further hone our skills and capabilities. We look to develope close working relationships with our clients to ensure that we can offer the best possible solutions for thier needs both on time and within budget.