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Case Studies

IP&P were engaged after numerous other companies could not complete the design and drafting of this Urban Art project. Situated in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology is an international, graduate-level research institution. The campus development features a number of buildings which could be described as unusual. Completing the development is this navigation beacon constructed primarily of concrete.

At 60 meters tall, and with 1400 unique shaped converging hexagons, this project presented numerous challenges. Our extensive experience in 3D modeling allowed us to find a solution that many others couldn't, modeling the entire tower. Next time your out sailing the Red Sea, keep your eye out for this one!

Luckily Patto was already "thinning" up top as this one really was from the bottom of the too hard basket... but we like a challenge!


IP&P worked in close partnership with MTI (Maintenance Technology Institute) in Melbourne to complete all of the required design & drafting required for the new Radial Stacker at a Bowen Basin mine site. This project was one of our largest completed in terms of modeling hours & assembly/drawing size.

With some assemblies featuring over 11,000 parts this was a great test for our software & hardware. From the footings & structure, right through to the mechanical components, handrails & guarding, all aspects of the new Radial Stacker were modeled & detailed.

In total, around 390 drawings were produced for this project including conceptual layouts, detail drawings, arrangemnts & assembly drawings.


A local fabrication shop requested a set of certified drawings for an existing machine stand design. IP&P measured the existing stand & produced models & detailed fabrication drawings.

The design was analyzed & drawings issued along with the Letter of certification. This design was then scaled & remodeled to safely handle greater loads.


QRL approached IP&P to supply a full set of detail drawings for an existing rail grinder. Utilizing a combination of our Faro (CMM) measuring arm & traditional measuring equipment we were able to quickly & accurately reverse engineer each component.

These models were used to generate detailed fabrication/machining drawings as well as arrangement & assembly drawings.